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efore that that detective called her up, too." "Which one—Rascon or Chase?" "Chase." Kennedy smiled quietly. Everything was working. "What of him?" "He said you had been to see him. There was something about that poisonous bean he told her." [251] "Did he mention Shattuck's name?" asked Kennedy. "Yes, he questioned her about Shattuck—about his travels—I thought it was pretty broadly hinting after he mentioned that Calabar bean." "But did he

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say anything definite about it? I mean, anything connecting it with Shattuck?" "No—nothing definite." Evidently Chase had never told Honora of his discovery in Shattuck's apartments. Why? Was it because he was sure that she would not believe it? Was he waiting for more conclusive evidence? What was the reason? It had not been revealed even yet. We thanked McCabe, made our exit, and arrived on Honora's floor in such a way that it would not be suspected


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we had been anywhere else in the building. As we met Mrs. Wilford, I cannot say that we wer

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e as welcome as on some previous encounters with her. It seemed that she was repressing her excitement not q

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s easily as on previous occasions. Yet she seemed not to dare to refuse to see us. Perhap

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